Previous events

Listed below are the speakers and topics of meetings during the past few years. CRAG aims to get a good mix of speakers to come along and talk to members on many of the current issues and to promote discussion of the topics at the end of the evening.

Tuesday 4th May 2010:
Claire Keggie of Transport Scotland on high-speed rail policy. Plus AGM.

Tuesday 6th April 2010:
Patrick Harvie MSP (Scottish Green Party) & Convener of the Scottish Parliament's Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee.

Tuesday 2nd
 March 2010:

Steve Milligan and Victor Czarnocki of the Borders Railway project team at Transport Scotland


Tuesday 2nd February 2010:
Mandy Haeburn-Little from tie limited on the Edinburgh tram project

Tuesday 1st December 2009:
Paul Salveson on Community Rail

Tuesday 3rd November 2009:
Rodger Querns of Network Rail on the Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme

Tuesday 6th October 2009:
Dave Anderson, Director of City Development at the City of Edinburgh Council, who will talk on the options for improvements to the public realm in and around Princes Street and George Street which are being considered by the Council consequent upon the introduction of trams to Edinburgh.

Tuesday 7th April 2009:
David Easton, of the Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland, has been conducting a survey of the Borders Railway, looking at buildings and bridges, etc, before the construction starts, as part of an (industrial) archaeological survey. This meeting also featured the AGM.

Tuesday 3rd March 2009:
Ian Craig, Managing Director, Lothian Buses
Tuesday 3rd February 2009:
Graham Bell, Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce

Tuesday 6th January 2009:
David Mallender, Public Relations Manager, First TransPennine Express

Tuesday 2nd December 2008:
Dave Anderson, Director of City Development, City of Edinburgh Council. Dave is not long in his post, and we look forward to hearing his thoughts on the direction of public transport in Edinburgh, including trams, buses, guided buses, South Sub options, park and ride, etc.

Tuesday 4th November 2008:
Russell Imrie. Russell is Chair of Sestran, and sits on the Waverley Railway Strategy Board. He is a councillor in Midlothian Council. He will be able to discuss Sestran’s activities, and also give an insight as to how Midlothian’s public transport needs can be linked into Edinburgh’s.

Tuesday 7th October 2008:
Bill Reeve, Head of Rail Delivery, Transport Scotland, will give an executive overview and progress report on the Waverley and Haymarket station regeneration, A2B, Waverley Route, service re-casts, Shotts improvements, GARL, etc.

Tuesday 8 April 2008:
Stewart Stevenson MSP, Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change (+ CRAG AGM)

Tuesday 11 March 2008:
Prof. Chris Harvie MSP

Tuesday 11th December 2007:
Bill Ure, Scottish Representative of the Rail Freight Group, on the role of rail in transporting freight - with particular emphasis on Scotland.

Tuesday 13th November 2007:
Dr. Malcolm Reed, Chief Executive of Transport Scotland, on the role of Transport Scotland in delivering the Scottish Government's transport objectives - with a particular emphasis on the role of rail.

Tuesday 9th October 2007:
Councillor Phil Wheeler, Convener of the Transport, Infrastructure and Environment Committee of the City of Edinburgh Council, on the many challenges facing the new Council in the transport field and his views on how these can best be met.

Tuesday 10th April 2007
Dr. Malcolm Reed, Chief Executive of Transport Scotland, on transport strategy, this time looking at the whole of Scotland and the role of Transport Scotland.

Tuesday 13th March 2007
John Yellowlees, External Relations Manager of First ScotRail, on their achievements and aspirations for this important business.

Tuesday 13th February 2007
Alex Macaulay, Partnership Director with SEStran, on the Regional Transport Strategy for the SE Scotland area.

Tuesday 9th January 2007
Neil Renilson, Chief Executive of Transport Edinburgh Limited, on transport strategies and plans for the Edinburgh area.

Tuesday 12th December 2006
Ron McAulay, Director, Scotland of Network Rail, on the Airdrie-Bathgate project, presently with Holyrood.

Tuesday 14th November 2006
Richard Hudson, from tie limited, on the progress of the Stirling-Alloa-Kincardine re-opening project.

Tuesday 10th October 2006
Bill Ure, from the Rail Freight Group on developments and prospects for increased rail freight in Scotland.

Tuesday 11 April 2006:
Bill Reeve, Director of Rail, Transport Scotland - the work of the new new Scottish transport agency; also the CRAG AGM

Tuesday 14 March 2006:
Sarah Boyack, MSP for Edinburgh Central and former transport minister - how the Scottish Parliament deals with transport issues, the new Transport and Public Works Bill and the proposed National Planning Framework

Tuesday 14 February 2006:
Allan McLean, Communications Manager Scotland and North of England, Virgin Trains

Tuesday 10 January 2006:
Cllr. Andrew Burns, Executive Member for Transport and Public Realm, The City of Edinburgh Council - update on role of the proposed Transport Edinburgh Limited in integrating transport provision, and the Council's traansport strategy in general
Tuesday 13 December 2005:
Barry Cross, tie limited - update on the Edinburgh tram projects

Tuesday 8 November 2005:
Colin Howden, Director, Transform Scotland & Paul Tetlaw, Vice-Chair, Transform Scotland - report on progress on South-East Scotland rail schemes

Tuesday 11 October 2005:
Rodger Querns, Project Manager, Network Rail - update on phase 1 redevelopment of Waverley Station
12 April 2005:
Andy Wood, General Manager, Transdev Edinburgh Tram - update on Edinburgh's tram plans

8 March 2005:
Gordon Dewar, Commercial Manager, First ScotRail - new ScotRail franchise

9 February 2005:
Alastair Andrew, Forth Estuary Transport Authority (FETA) - plans for a Second Forth Road Bridge

12 January 2005:
Paul Salveson, ACoRP - community rail developments

14 December 2004:
Chas Booth, Get Edinburgh Moving - congestion charge 'yes' campaign

9 November 2004:
Alastair Short, West Lothian Council - Caledonian Express and Airdrie-Bathgate reopening proposals

12 October 2004 - David Spaven, Waverley Route Trust - Corus report into the Borders Railway

13 April 2004 - Alistair Lawson, City of Edinburgh Council - Edinburgh Park Station project

9 March 2004 - Alex Macaulay, Transport Initiative Edinburgh - "The Edinburgh Tram Network - Progress to Date."

10 February 2004 - Neil Renilson, Chief Executive, Lothian Buses - new bus initiatives and the impact of trams

10 December 2003 - Tara Whitworth, Babtie Group - Project Manager for the Stirling-Alloa-Kincardine rail project

11 November 2003 - Keith Miller, Network Rail - Dolphingstone project to divert the East Coast Main Line between Wallyford and Prestonpans.

14 October 2003 - David Spaven, Waverley Route Trust - the work of the Trust and what it hopes to achieve

8 April 2003 - Brian Patton (Light Rail Scotland) - modern tram systems

11 March 2003 - Dorothy Fenwick (Network Rail) - the new role of Network Rail in the nation's transport system

11 February 2003 - Carol Gilbert (Planning Manager at BAA Scotland) - Edinburgh Airport's developing surface access strategy and the current rail study on links to the airport

14 January 2003 - Bristow Muldoon MSP (chair of the Scottish Parliament Transport and Environment Committee) - the emerging transport strategy for Scotland.

December 2002 - Barry Cross (CEC) - WEBS and CERT

November 2002 - Mike Howell (TIE) - Edinburgh's transport vision

October 2002 - Nick Ball (Atlantic PR) - Waverley Railway Project

April 2002 - Cliff Hutt (CEC) and Geoff Cook (Railtrack) - Edinburgh Crossrail

March 2002 - Rico Nombro (Midlothian Council Planning Department) - Midlothian transport strategy

February 2002 - John Webster (CRAG) - Recent CRAG initiatives

January 2002 - Dorothy Fenwick (Railtrack) - Waverley Station development proposals

December 2001 - Cllr Andrew Burns (CEC) - Edinburgh's transport strategy

November 2001 - Allan McLean (Virgin Trains) - Virgin Trains's business strategy

October 2001:
Martin Hulse & Bill Cantley (Cockburn Association) - on the impact of transport policy on Edinburgh

September 2001:
Brian Farrell Corporate Strategy CEC - Lothians Structure Plan

April 2001:
Cllr. Mark Lazarowicz (CEC) - Edinburgh's new transport strategy proposals

March 2001:
Alan Couper (Waterfront) - Edinburgh Waterfront development project

February 2001:
Ralph Jordinson (RAGES) - Rail Action Group, East of Scotland (RAGES)'s transport aspirations

January 2001:
Cllr. John Scott (Scottish Borders Council) - the work of the South East Scotland Transport Partnership (SESTRAN)