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Letter to the "Evening News" - Sunday 4th January 2009:

posted 8 Jan 2009, 04:00 by Transform Scotland
Dear Sir,

You (News, January 2) continue to describe the route of tram line 1b from Haymarket to Granton as the "Roseburn Urban Wildlife Corridor".
It actually is a pedestrian and cycle way which follows the disused trackbed of a portion of Edinburgh's former north suburban railways whose city centre terminus was the old Princes Street station behind the Caledonian Hotel.
Just as it was relatively easy and painless to build the West Approach Road on the first stretch of the old trackbed, so to build a tram line on the old trackbed from Haymarket north will not be difficult or expensive - with no utilities to divert and little disruption to the life of the city besides.

This corridor serves an area of great importance for the future prosperity and sustainable development of Edinburgh - especially if, as is now proposed, the proportion of affordable family housing to be built in Granton is higher than in the original plans for the area.

If such a fast, segregated transport corridor to and from the city centre did not already exist, it would cost many hundreds of millions of pounds to create - with much demolition of homes and businesses involved. A fixed price of £87m - if a commitment is made by this spring - is therefore a real bargain for the city.

It should be firmly grasped - and with the Scottish Government providing any necessary financial help. Edinburgh is, after all, the nation's capital.
Yours sincerely
Lawrence Marshall
Capital Rail Action Group